Our Story

Working in the pet industry for 25 years including owning a pet shop on the Gold Coast for 18 years, we have been very fortunate to have met a large variety of pets, many different breeds and their very proud owners..

In the early years we began to notice an increasing amount of pets at an early age developing chronic degenerative diseases like liver and kidney failure, heart disease, cancer and chronic skin conditions. We had previously only heard about these sorts of conditions appearing in lot older pets towards the end of their life.

After researching the ingredients in large commercial pet company’s processed dry foods, we were horrified to find how toxic and dangerous the long term effects of these foods could have on a pet’s health. We decided we wanted to educate our customers about the health benefits of feeding their pets fresh raw meats and bones like a carnivore was designed to eat naturally. Over time we were increasingly rewarded with more and more customers telling us their success stories of improvements in their pet’s health after they switched to a raw food diet.

Happy to hear so many success stories from pet owners of their pet’s health improving when switching to a raw diet, we were still concerned about the increasing amounts of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic fertilizers and pesticides that are present in meats so commonly available for pet and human consumption today. This toxic chemical buildup over time would become compromising and ultimately detrimental to pet’s health similar to that of the processed food.

We believe there was a need for a safe, natural, raw and balanced certified organic pet food that mimics the diet of a carnivore in nature. We felt pet food should be food our pets would instinctively love, thrive on and give them the best chance of living a long healthy and disease free life. ORGANIC PAWS became the name for our product and many years on we continue to see more and more pet’s health being restored and pets simply living life with thriving good health. 

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